Choose to go with Helene

From Create Your Own Story

It's still very hot today, with no sign of any relief. Your recent activities have required quite a bit of exertion from you, which hasn't helped. The idea of spending time with Helene in her "cool tub" is very appealing.

"You go ahead," you say. "I'll join you there in a few minutes."

Helene smiles. "Okay. I'll get things ready for you."

You go back to your bedroom and put on your thong bikini. You grab a towel and your keys. You put on flip-flops and head for the door.

Five masked men with guns intercept you. "Finish the bitch," growls a voice.

"FREEZE, MOTHERFUCKERS!" booms a voice on a bullhorn.

One of the masked men fires his gun. The bullet strikes you in the neck. As you lie on the ground bleeding out, a hail of gunfire erupts. The five masked men are all cut down in moments.

"We lost three officers," says a woman. She walks over and pulls the masks off the men. "But we got all these bastards."

You make a dying effort and lift your head. One of the dead men is the miscreant from the pond.

Then your head drops back down as your life expires.


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