From Create Your Own Story

You are standing in a cave under ground. Tree roots are hanging from the ceiling brushing your head as you stare at the unknown object. Your two friends are with you both staring at the object as well. One is Jason a tall buzzed head jock type. The other is Kyle glasses nerd type. You are all high school seniors. They are just as amazed as you. The object is some sort of giant glowing crystal that pules with light. You and your friends had followed an object that hit the ground and made this hole. Your still not sure if this is real as your still buzzed having just come from a party. You cautiously stretch out a hand and touch the object. The unknown crystal seems to flash in response to your touch. You begin to hear a loud pulsing sound though your not sure if it is coming from your ears or inside your head. The noise grows louder than you can stand and place your hands over your ears trying to block out the noise. Your friends do the same and you see a trail of blood running from their noses. You realize your nose is bleeding as well. You all collapse passed out. When you wake up the noise has stopped and the unknown object has vanished. You and your friends get up and go home in a daze unsure of what happened.

The next morning when you wake up you stretch out your hand to hit the alarm clock and you somehow push it off your desk with out even touching it. You sit up stunned and confused. You reach to pick up the clock but it somehow floats up to your hand. This is amazing you have no idea how this is happening.

The first thing you think to do is:

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