Climb to the ground and explore a bit more

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and watching dinosaur eggs hatch

You climb down and slowly start exploring the prehistoric forest. Your direction is inland, away from the swamp and into a less humid part of the forest.

With about an hour to go before recall, you come across a nest of what appear to be dinosaur eggs! And one of the eggs is hatching. Two proud dinosaur parents , maybe 3 feet or so long (not all dinosaurs are giants, as you remember from watching Jurassic Park -- the compys were smaller than a human and the raptors about human sized) watch as the little dinosaur breaks its way out of the egg, followed immediately by several more babies.

You sit down next to the nest and watch. The parents look at you but see that you're sitting still and deem you harmless.

"Kull wahad!" you whisper, as within five minutes, nine baby dinosaurs hatch.

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