Climb to your open loft window?

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & Exploring

You head towards the ivy ladder on the wall. You step on the first rung. So far, so good. You give it a few good bounces, jiggling your breasts.

Well, it seems to hold your weight. You take a few cautious steps up the ladder. It creaks a little, but holds. You hold your breath, think light thoughts, and delicately scamper up to the slanted roof.

The roof is boiling hot! You gasp, and coal-walk on your heels over to your open window. All you have to do is remove the screen you know is loose, and you'll be home free!

A sharp whistle from the side distracts you.

Oh no! At the bottom of the roof you can see right into your neighbor's yard! More importantly, all three guys in the hot tub can see you!

"Looking good, baby!" one of them shouts.

You miss your footing and fall sideways. On the steep slant, the fall turns into a roll. A couple tumbles thoroughly disorients you, and then brief weightlessness, followed by a splash.

You thrash about until your head is out of the water, and feet on the fiberglass bottom. You stand and remove wet hair from your eyes.

You're in the hot tub, surrounded by the guys, who are staring hungrily at your exposed breasts. You blush, cover yourself, and squat into the water.

"Thanks for dropping by!" one guy says.

"Yeah, your entrance really made a splash!" another says.

"Come one dudes, those jokes are lame," the third says.

You clear your throat, and exchange glances with the men. "You wouldn't by any chance have a towel I could borrow?"

They laugh.

"Come on, honey," one says, motioning you to sit next to him. "This party was boring until you showed up."

Another lightly grasps your hip, pulling you over to him. "Yeah, relax, we'll get you a drink."

You decide to:

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