Close the curtains and try and go back to sleep

From Create Your Own Story

Deciding to do what you probably have done in the first place, you walk back inside, close the curtains drowning out their sneering faces and then lie back in bed and attempt to get back to sleep.

In a short while you end up drifting off into sleep thankfully. Your last thought is hoping those boys are gone when wake up is wondering whether those boys will be gone when you come back and hoping that you don't end up having another confrontation with them ever.

You wake up and realise that it's dark. You must have been asleep for at least a few hours You stretch then climb off your bed. Moment of truth, time to see if the boys are gone. You pull your curtain back slightly and peer out. A sigh of relief escapes you as you realise that they're gone. You look at the time on your phone and see that it's six fifteen. You're not sure what you feel like doing but you feel torn. Anything is better then sitting in this hot musty room


Put on your bikini and swim in the hotel pool

Go to the nightclub you spotted earlier

Look for a restaurant open late

Go to an exercise room and work out

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