College of Killings

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Two guards were walking past the prison cells, one by one. It was awfully quiet in the prison. Eerily, one might say. The only sound you could hear were the footsteps of the guards. They eventually stopped at a cell with a single prisoner in it. It was an 21-year old man, with his hair was completely shaven off, and his face full of small scars. One could only see pure anger on his face.

"Irenis?" Spoke one of the guards.

"Yeah," The prisoner said, "What's is it?"

"Your being transferred today to another prison today."

"What! Why did nobody tell me this earlier?! Why just now?"

"I don't know, and I don't care either. You're going, now!"

"Dude, fuck that. I just started to like this prison. These guards are so easy to toy here."

"That's it. Tannings, help me getting his sorry ass outta here."

The guards tried grabbing Irenis. However, He grabbed one of the guards, and gave his head a kick with his knee twice. He then ran to the other guard and pushed him to the wall, threw him on the ground, and kicked him multiple times.

"I'm not going anywhere, pig." Yelled Irenis.

The guard on the ground turned around, grabbed his taser, and shocked Irenis. He fell to the ground, shaking his body in pain.

"What did you say about the guards that are so 'easy to toy with' again? Didn't quiet catched it." Smiled the guard.

They dragged him to the front gate, were a armored prison truck was parked. As they dragged him in the truck, one of the guards said:

"Have fun in your new prison. I hope that it is an even bigger hellhole than this one."

The doors of the truck closed, and Irenis was sitting between two guards.

As soon as the guards confirmed the closure, they put on some masks and gave him some gas.

" He said as he plumed to the ground, unconscious.

College of Killings

Irenis started to wake up, having a massive headache.

"Where the hell am I?" As he looked around, he saw a dark classroom with no windows. There were a few lamps in there, but they didn't gave that much light. There also were 25 desks and chairs. As he looked at himself, he saw that he no longer was wearing his prison jumpsuit, but blue jeans and a white tank top. There were 24 other people here, aging between 16 to 25. All of them seemed concerned about there situation.

"Hey, you. Finally up? Took you long enough." Said one of them.

"Do you know where we are?" Asked Irenis.

"Beats me. Maybe it is a prank."

Suddenly a tall man entered the room. He wore a black trench coat, which was slightly torn. He also wore some black mask, with only one eye hole. However, no one could see his eye through the hole. He walked to the front of the desk, with his hands behind his back.

"Quiet everyone." Said the man calm.

"My name is Mister Morto, and welcome to your first class of becoming a killer."

The class was surprised to hear this.

"Are you serious?!"

"Yes, I am. Our school has collected youngsters with your kind of...potential. Some of you are from the street, some were from prison, hell, Some are from prison. Isn't that right, Irenis? Or do you prefer to be called Kevin?"

Everyone looked at Kevin.

"You were the one who got me out of jail?"

"Well, our school did, but yes, we did."

One of the students stood up in anger and yelled:

"Okay, enough with this prank. If you don't let us go now, I'll kill you."

"Normally I would encourage to kill, but students aren't permitted to kill the teachers."

"Enough!" The guy charged at the man. However, the masked man grabbed him by his head and twisted it 180 degrees. A loud snap was heard.

The students were in shock at the sight of it, seeing his dead body on the ground.

"Well, enough of that. Now, let us begin. Here is your student guidebook. It contains the rules of our school. Read it very well. Your life could depend on it."

Read the guidebook

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Killer stats
Sanity {{{1000/2000}}} Blood lust {{{1000/1000}}} Morality {{{1000/2000}}}
Empathy {{{1000/2000}}} Hope {{{1000/2000}}} Will {{{1000/2000}}}
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