Commands her to spread her legs

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"Take off the rest of your clothes." Joffrey demanded, stroking his cock back to hardness. Arya quickly complied, stripping down to her birthday suit. Her pussy glistened with juices, wanting Joffrey to fill her up. "Now lie back and spread your legs." Arya again complied, revealing her most private region to Joffrey. She didn't care, she just wanted his cock. Joffrey grinned and kneeled down in front of her.

"Whose pussy is this?" Joffery asked, making her beg.

"It's your pussy, my prince." Arya responded.

Joffery slapped her, then brought Arya's legs up to her chest. Lining up his cock, he roughly thrust it in, claiming her virginity. She screamed as her hymen was roughly ripped open. Her rammed in and out of the poor girl, not giving her any time to recover. Eventually, she got used to his size pumping in and out of her, and let out a moan.

"Who do you belong to?" Joffery asked, grabbing her neck. He was getting deeper, his balls slapping her ass.

"I'm your dirty little slut, Joffery." Arya said between breaths, "All I want is to be used by you, my prince." She had completely submitted to him, her only wish being to please him. Joffery continued pounding her, making sure she took every thrust. He grabbed her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples, much to Arya's satisfaction.

Joffery slipped his cock out of her dripping wet pussy, eliciting a disappointed whimper from the Stark girl. "Get on your knees for your prince." He commanded. Arya's trembling body slowly flipped over. Her strength was gone, her body sore from Joffrey's relentless abuse. Struggling, she got up on her knees. Joffery didn't waste anytime and entered her. He grabbed her hair and started ramming her pussy as hard as he could. Joffrey grabbed her ass and used it as leverage. He then spanked her round ass, causing her to scream in pain and pleasure. He kept hitting her ass, turning it red.

"Please be rough, my prince! It feels so good!" Arya exclaimed. Exhausted, her arms collapsed. Her face and breasts pressed into the cold, stone floor. All her energy was put into keeping her ass raised for her master, not wanting to disappoint him.

"May I cum please!" She screamed, about to climax.

"Yes, cum on my cock, slut!" He responded, grabbing her hips and thrusting hard. He pulled her hair and brought her back on all fours. He used her hair like reins, fucking his slave faster and harder. It thrilled Arya to feel pain, and she didn't want it to stop. She grunted as she came, covering her prince with her juices. She squirted all over, her cum forming a puddle under her. Her orgasm brought Joffrey to the edge, and he knew he wouldn't last long.

"Where do you want your prince to cum?" He asked his slave, deciding to grant her this one wish..

"I want my pussy dripping with your cum. Cum inside me, my prince!" Arya replied, gasping for air,

"MY SLUT WILL TAKE ALL MY CUM!" Joffery screamed as he came in her pussy.

"OH YES MY PRINCE, I WILL!" Arya moaned in response as she felt herself filling up with Joffery's royal seed. His potent sperm completely filled her womb, and some overflowed, dripping out the sides of her pussy. After he came down from his high, Joffrey pulled out. Arya stayed in the same position, cum oozing from her pussy, unable to move.

"What a pussy," Joffrey said, cleaning himself up, "I think you've changed my mind. You will escort me back to Kings Landing, as my personal pet and slave."

Arya was taken aback. She had enjoyed being his slave for a night, but all the way to King's Landing?!

Does Arya accept?


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