Confront Isabella indirectly

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'1st September 2015

Ferb looked down at his hands as the door opened.

"Ferb?" He heard Isabella ask.

"Oh hey Isabella, what were out doing in there?"

"Nothing!" She replied quickly hr cheeks turning red.

"OK," Ferb smirked. "Can I use your phone?"

"W-what for?" She asked nervously.

"I need to call Phineas, I haven't seen him all morning. Plus I left mine at home."

Ferb could we the relief in her eyes. "Sure,"

Isabella gave ferb the phone and ferb pretended to call Phineas.

"He's not awnsering," Ferb said. "I'll send him a message."

Ferb had already sent the message so that while he had said that, he was sending himself the pictures Isabella took. He noticed that she had received a message so he took a screenshot and sent it to himself before deleting all the messages. Ferb felt his phone vibrate in his pocket before giving the phone back to Isabella.

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