Confront the boys and threaten to call security if they don't leave

From Create Your Own Story


As much as you find it cute that they're peeping at you, you'd rather prefer your privacy. Despite the fact that you could have closed your curtains, you still find that you're not at liberty to have to do so. You climb up off the bed, unchain the door and open it popping your head out. "Uh excuse me" you say politely smiling at them though feeling a sense of increased annoyance at their smug grins "I know your kids and everything and you have your...enticements but would appreciate it if you could move along and let me sleep in peace". The boys turn to look at each other, before the one in the middle grins at you "No I don't think so, we got a show for free so I think we'll stay where we are thanks". "I'm serious" you insist irritably "You better beat it before I call security!". The boys chuckle abit before the wannabe big shot leader says "they might take a while. Till then I think we'll enjoy our free show"

You roll there eyes and make a noise of disgust. You're torn between what to do now. Making up your mind you:

Go back into your room and call security

Close the curtains and try and go back to sleep

Punch the wannabe leader in the face knocking him out

Invite them in for a foursome

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