Continue into your room and wait for your parents to leave and bring Miranda to school

From Create Your Own Story

Waiting the 30 minutes between when you got back to your room and when your parents would leave is nerve wracking, but you manage to get through it. As soon as they leave, though, you almost sprint out of bed and into Jessica's room.

Jess is completely naked, on her knees and looking for something under her bed. You feel your cock harden again, and you start to walk over to her. She pulls something out from under her bed, and turns toward you. she holds it up for you to see. It's a box of exercise bands. Se winks at you again and says "Alright, little brother, I want you to strip down and then lie on my bed, whichever way you want.

You strip for her, and when it comes time to decide which side you'll lie on, you choose



You are:
Josh, age 15
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