Continue sleeping, of course!

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to continue sleeping.

How dare such a subsidiary figure, such as my mother, disturb my slumber?! Such a daring offense is incomprehensible. However, I will be lenient and forgive her misdemeanor, you thought to yourself.

It wasn't long however, until "the beast" returned.


It was your mother again, irritatingly rambling about your lethargic ways, irresponsibility and lack of independence. However, you are now blissfully content as your fingers have been swiftly (and conveniently) inserted into your ears. You thought philosophically, "Ignorance is bliss.", and pride yourself over what you have learned in last year's philosophy class. You almost forget about your mother until you hear her muffled yelling as she brashly enters into your room.

You cannot be bothered by such a nuisance, and make your escape into the bathroom.

You lock the door behind you and promptly make your way to the toilet. You are abruptly aware of your need to urinate and the awkward strain in your bladder. As you pull down your pants to relieve yourself, you push it down. However, you feel a familiar resistance. Aghast, you acknowledge your morning erection straining high up like the sun in the morning sky. Irritated, you sit down onto the toilet and attempt to urinate while awkwardly pushing down onto your boner.

After multiple attempts, you are:

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