Continue to be in the spread eagle position and wait for him to enter in your vagina

From Create Your Own Story

You bit your lip and lay your head back as you come down from your climax. You didn't expect him to be so good with his lips.

Eyes closed, you caught your breath. That was until you felt a pair of hands on your thighs, spreading them further apart. A shadow casted over you, and you open your eyes with a gasp.

You looked him up and down. His eyes stared back at you - full of lust. And, that turned you on. Your eyes adverted down to his dick. It was hard.

He let go of your thigh and wrapped his hand around his dick, positioning it between your lips. You could feel your lips slowly stretching, welcoming him as his pushed himself inside. Your head flung back, and your back arched. You could feel an orgasm building up already.

"Fuck, you feel so good." He groaned. It felt like forever before he was all the way in. He took his time - savouring the moment. You couldn't take it anymore.

"Fuck me!" You begged.

And, with that, he began to thrust in and out of your wet pussy - each stroke bringing you closer to you second orgasm.

"Fuck me faster!" (OYN)

"Fuck my ass!" (OYN)

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