Continue to watch as more dicks step forward toward Jessica

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You're almost in shock from seeing your sisters doing what they are while surrounded by the entire football team.


Your hand slips down into your pants and tugs at your painfully hard cock. You're excited beyond belief. Even if you fear for your sister's well being you can't try to stop this now; you're compelled to watch.

One of the lankier running backs steps up to the side of the coffee table. He's wearing nothing but a confident smile, his long rod swinging around in front of him as he comes to a stop. Meanwhile Jessica - still getting fucked in the ass - stops kissing Miranda's chest long enough to glance up at the cock hovering over them.

"What's that?" asks your innocent sister.

"This is Excalibur, but my last girlfriend just called him 'heaven'."

Miranda lifts a curious hand from the table, hesitantly closing the distance between her and Excalibur. Seeing this, Jessica slides herself forward and lunges at Miranda's face. Your little sister squeaks cutely and drops her hand as she experiences her first real kiss! Meanwhile Jessica blindly grabs at the sword overhead, wielding it expertly and one-handed.

You feel a special pang shoot through your cock and pre-cum leak out into your underwear as you watch your sisters kiss for their first time. And Jessica isn't just planting a gentle peck on her lips either. She's engaging in a proper make-out session with your little sis, who barely knows what to do with herself. Miranda is blushing beet red, sticking her lips out for her big sister to tongue and kiss with vigor.

You can't help it. You have to. You pop your dick out from the confines of your pants and join in with the rest of the football team masturbating at this amazing show.

The running back reaches down and pulls at Jessica's skimpy top. He lifts it just enough to free her tits, grabbing onto one of them while Jessica continues her attempts to strangle his dick.

After a minute, Jessica finally pulls away from Miranda's face. Your little sister is flush with embarrassment and excitement and uncertainty. Both of her hands are cupping her crotch. But with Jessica's skirt in the way you're not sure if her fingers are moving.

"Sis... I feel really good! Can... can you keep kissing me?"

Jessica smiles, still trying to mask the pain of the linebacker in her asshole. She parts her lips to speak just in time for a receiver to fill her mouth with his cock.

"Maybe later, cutie," he says. "Right now she's mine."

He clasps his hands behind Jessica's head and rams himself against her face. A dumbfounded Miranda stares upward at the two balls slapping against Jessica's chin only inches away. A bulge forms in the cheerleader's neck as a very thick cock bottoms itself out on her lips.

The crowd of rowdy teenagers inch closer and closer to the coffee table. The linebacker in Jessica's ass postures upward to make room for another guy who stacks up behind him and slips his way inside of Jessica's pussy. Random hands reach out toward your fully-filled sister, grabbing at her tits, pulling her hair, sliding down the contours of her back. Impaled and suspended by most of the football team Jessica begins to gradually float away from your sister, leaving young Miranda confused and - you suspect - horny, or the six-year-old equivalent of it.

Miranda again reaches up toward a nearby cock. With Jessica 'indisposed' it's up to you now; are you willing to take a shot in the mouth for your little sis?

The crowd follows Jessica. Pull Miranda away to a quiet corner of the room.

You've been masturbating ever since you pulled out your cock and you're not about to stop now! Continue watching.

You are:
Josh, age 15
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