Continue too stare while rubbing your boobs

From Create Your Own Story

Slipping your hands under your nightie, you start to rub your boobs, whilst staring at the bulge. That weird feeling is getting slightly stronger, so you rub harder. The harder you rub, the stronger that feeling buzzes through your body.

Glancing at your father, you see the look of ecstasy on his face, as he stares at you with hungry eyes. That fact alone makes the buzzing unbearable. With a cry of ecstasy, you let go of something you've felt build up in you for a while now and a wet substance comes out, drenching your daddy's pants.

Exhausted, you slump against Daddy’s chest. But he isn’t finished. You feel the air woosh around you. The next thing you know, your spread eagle on the table. Daddy is holding your legs, his penis is out, pointed at your clit.


You are:
Miranda, age 17
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