Continue watching your sister

From Create Your Own Story

You continue to watch your sister in the window as one of the other football players get behind her and start to shoot their cock towards her pussy. Jessica lets out a loud moan taking it from behind.

Your cock is now rock hard as you are watching your older sister get fucked.

The guy pounds into your sister a few times and pulls out cum oozing out of her. Jessica doesn't seem to notice or care as she starts to suck off one of the other players now and Chad comes up behind her with his hard cock.

"Alright baby time to get some of this tight ass" Chad says as he roughly pushes his cock deep into your sisters tight asshole.

"Ahhh!" Jessica yelps letting go of the cock she is sucking for a second as she starts to get fucked up her ass.

You sit there and watch and begin to rub yourself through your pants seeing your sister get assfucked and sucking off another guys cock.

Chad moves in and out hard as you see Jessica take it.

You are:
Josh, age 18
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