Continuing on towards the historical gift shop

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Status Naked and Humiliated

You continue on and get to be near the center of the old historical town, there's a small gift shop with a sign outside advertising the shop made from one of those stocks that are some times found in old time tourist attractions. The plaque declares it to be where the sheriff would punish a criminal for a minor crime, putting them on display for the townsfolk.

You all move into the shop and they seem to be looking for souvenirs once they gather a small amount of things and all go up to the counter a geeky guy with thick glasses who had been staring at you most of the time you've been in the store rings up everything. Everyone puts some money on the counter and after adding it up seems to be a little short of the total bill. The clerk says "you guys are twenty bucks short, you'll have to put something back." After about twenty seconds, one of the guys grabs your arms and holds them behind your back, thrusting your tits forward and begins to shake you from side to side. Your breasts pop out of the bikini top as expected and he says "Can't you give us a discount?"

The sales clerk's eyes go wide and a huge smile crosses his face "yeah, I think that would be possible" he puts the money in the register, never taking his eyes off your boobs and immediately his hands begin to grab and fondle your bare breasts. After about two minutes the guy holding you against the counter lets go of your arms, allowing you to remove the groping hands from your boobs and tuck them back into your top.

At this point after leaving the little shop, one of the guys decides he wants his picture taken in the stocks. so he gives one of the other guys a camera and places his head and hands through the holes in the stocks and gets a picture taken. One of the girls does the same, and then one of them looks at you and grins. Next thing you know you are standing there with your head and hands in stocks with a guy in front of you taking a picture.

Then one of the guys whips out a small key lock he must have bought in the shop and locks it through the peg hole in the stocks, effectively locking you in place. The guy in front of you with the camera grins and the next thing you know your top is being removed so the guy with the camera can get a better picture of you, head and hands in stocks with your dangling boobs visible below the wood plank that your head and hands are stuck in.

You feel a couple hands playing with your dangling breasts and the jacket is removed from your waist as well as the rest of the bikini. Tina then says "well it's time to go, hope you had fun like we did." One of the guys places a single key on the ground in front of you, you can only assume it's to the lock. "have fun" he says, smiling at you. Tina then looks at you and says "this is where you would have ended up for stealing years ago, it's a fitting punishment".

So now you are all alone, naked and in stocks in front of a small gift shop.

What happens next?:

Trapped in stocks while naked

The sales clerk comes out to help you

Eventually released of the stocks

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