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You walk into your dorm room, exhausted after a week of mid-terms. You relish in the fact that your roommate is out of town, dropping your books on the floor as you catch a glimpse of yourself in old body length mirror you and your roommate bought at garage fair. Your dyed red hair listlessly falls to the small of your back and your face is devoid of any makeup, but what would anyone expect after a week of studying. You went to college for academics first, and fun second, albeit a close second.

But despite the mental and physical exhaustion, you have to admit, at 5'5", 120 lbs, soft B-cups, fair skin, you're still quite pretty. Turning to the side, you check out your most admirable quality -- at least physical quality -- your curvaceous booty. Boys did always seem to notice.

Just then it strikes you, its been weeks since you've orgasmed, let alone done anything with an actual guy. With all your exams finally done, its time for some stress relief.

Do you:

Health Tired
Height 5’ 5”
Weight 120 lbs
Gender Female
Hair Dyed Red
Cup Size 34B
Location Your Dorm
Clothes Old jeans and T-shirt
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