Crawl under the desk and continue to suck on Johnny's cock

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You gather up your clothes but do not put them on. Instead you throw them behind Johnny's desk and then crawl under his desk, fish out his still half hard cock and pop it into your mouth.

Johnny just smiles and shakes his head in amusement at your antics, but also feel him hardening in your mouth. When he he his back at full mast he mentions that all of your pictures are up and running. He asks you to come up for air and guess if you know which one is is favorite. Somewhat reluctantly you pull yourself off his cock and come back up to look at the computer.

You see your new profile and see all the photos Johnny took of you which are now live on site. You point to a picture of your hole, covered in Johnny's cum and he said "Lucky guess. Now go be a good boy and unlock the door. I need to be able to let people in if the need to talk to me. You can't take up all of my time to yourself." he said with a wink. Disappointed I go to put my clothes, which are now hidden behind Johnny's chair but he says "Oh no need, when you unlock the door you can go right back where you belong. He pushes his chair back revealing his still hard cock.

I blush and walk over to the door nude. Johnny's office is not large but still, when I unlock the door I half sprint to get myself back under the desk. Johnny laughs a bit and says "You're my new favorite" as he grabs the back of your head and guides his cock back into your mouth.

As Johnny predicted a few people do enter his office while you give him a slow, luxurious blowjob, edging him to the point of climax but holding him back so you can continue your fun. First, the dowdy office manager comes in and leaves Johnny a package that was left for him at the front desk, then the sports editor asks Johnny if he saw last night's game and talks about sports for a while. Finally, some staffer asks if Johnny is going to come out for drinks after work. Johnny reaches under the desk and grabs your head and says that he already has plans tonight.

You gulp on his cock in anticipation, excited that your play with Johnny was far from over.

At the end of the day Johnny finally says "Baby, I need you to wrap it up so we can get out of here." You comply and suck enthusiastically on Johnny until he cums in your mouth. You crawl back out from the desk and quickly dress, noting that the door is unlocked.

Satisfied, Johnny tucks his own cock back into his pants. You and Johnny go over what you will need to wear and do on the job tomorrow and how you will document everything that happens to you. As you head out with Johnny down to the lobby and out the doors you remember that he mentioned that he said he could not go out with the others because he "had plans" but it was clear that that meant taking you home.

spend the night with Johnny at his place

tell Johnny you need to head home and rest for tomorrow

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