Critical Thoughts

From Create Your Own Story

You wake up in a sweaty panic. Things have been really stressful lately and your decision making has suffered for it. You can only make quick decisions out of a few choices. Luckily they are fairly different in mindset.

The stress comes from your fear of a criminal/killer that has plagued the city. He or she seems to be using very odd methods to perform their acts of evil, including chefs knives, scalpels, lasers, and ninja stars.

You wish you could do something about it but you are no one special, just an average person who works in an office, no detective or soldier.

The only thing you believe can do is participate in the newly passed public jury. The government recently approved a program that allows citizens to get all the evidence from the court case and help influence the judge by sending in votes. This is not done in all cases but only severe ones such as murder. However you are still not sure how to feel about this. Does a large group of people really know better than a small jury?

The court has put a prominent scientist on trial for the murders. The main evidence supporting the guilty verdict is the fact that he is the only known man capable of developing the laser technology that committed two of the murders. It was also brought up that he is involved in surgical procedures, and also enjoys cooking and collecting ninja artifacts. Whenever you talk to your friends or coworkers they believe he is guilty.

Do you:

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