Crossdresser (h)

From Create Your Own Story

You somehow manage to be a hermaphrodite transvestite.

Well done. I dunno. We'll call you a transmaphrodite or something. Awesome. They'll probably create a whole new fucking LGBT group just to represent you.

Anyway, you're already walking to school. I guess you're dressed as a frog or something. Your name can be Froggy. And you can look like this I guess: Frog_Mario_jumping.png

As you're hopping along minding your own business, you notice a group of Frenchmen following you. You, of course, are a Sophomore. You're about four blocks from school but you see they're gaining on you. There is a shortcut, but you'd have to cut through Old Man Withers' yard.

You look back and they're really starting to gain on you. You gotta make a move now.

Status Bar
Health 100 Equipment:
Status Confused
Gender Hermaphrodite
Social Group Crossdresser?
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