Cry and hope for sympathy

From Create Your Own Story

The insults hurled at you jar you back to reality; you realize you are standing completely naked in front of a crowd of water park visitors. "Shit! How did I get myself into this mess?", you think to yourself. You start bawling your eyes out. Suddenly the shock and anger has turned to sympathy. A young woman named Jenny approaches you with a towel and brings you through the park and to her car. She asks "Are you okay?". You ponder that question. You embarrassed yourself in front of a large crowd and there are now probably pictures of you online. Still, given the circumstances it could have turned out much worse. Thank goodness nobody called the cops! And you met a really nice woman. "Oh, I haven't answered her yet!", you think. "I'm fine", you reply. "That's quite a show you put on out there", she tells you, "never seen anything like that", Jenny adds. After a brief pause she says, flustered, "You was pretty hot.". You look at her but don't reply. Jenny stammers, "S-sorry. I-I didn't mean to...if it bothers you...sorry". You reply "Oh, don't worry about it I was just surprised. You really think I'm hot?", you ask. "Yeah.", Jenny grins, "That cute ass and pussy? And the courage it took to show them off? I thought MY bathing suit was going to come off from being so soaked!". "You know", you say slyly, "I'm out of the park. I don't need the towel anymore.", you observe, as you toss your towel in the front seat. Jenny looks back at you and her eyes grow wide. "You know, I'm probably going to crash because of you!", she mentions. "You know what? My house is a lot closer than yours. Do you wanna stop by?", she proposes. You think for about a second and reply "Sure. As long as your dress code is super casual"

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