Cum inside Katy's ass

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Katy's tight asshole feels too good for you to want to pull out now. You keep driving your cock into her. Having already come once, you've got more stamina. You outlast the guy in Katy's mouth, who pulls out his cock and blasts her face. Both she and Chad wince as her face gets covered. She wipes at it feebly with one hand, crying softly.

Another jock moves up towards her face, but the beefy jock stops him with a hand on his chest. "Wait. Listen to the little bitch. She makes the hottest sounds." He turns towards the stereo. "Turn that shit down!"

Someone complies, cutting the noise level in room drastically. The cheers also die down, too. Now there's the sound of your body slapping against the young girl's, the sounds of your sister getting fucked, and the noises that Katy is making.

Along with her crying are little moans, like she's actually getting turned on by getting ass-raped. Whether that's the case or not, it's definitely exciting you.

"She likes it," one of the football players smirks. "She's gonna cum from her first assfucking."

"No, she's not..." Chad protests, largely unheard. He looks three different kinds of shell-shocked at this point.

Then your cock can't resist Katy's ass anymore, and erupts into the pre-teen's ass. Katy moans again as she feels your hot spunk inside of her, her back arching.

"What's happening?" Katy groans, her small body shaking. You suspect this is her first orgasm. There will probably be many more before this night is over.

You pull your cock out Katy's ass, a trickle of your cum coming out behind it. This may not be your last orgasm, either. Despite firing twice, you already seem to have another round chambered. You're barely losing any wood.

"Alright, who's next?" Someone calls out.

A couple of guys start to step up, jostling with each other to get close to Chad's sister.

"I say we just let Josh keep going on the little slut," the beefy player says. You're really beginning to like him. "She seems to like his cock, and he did bring us these two bitches."

You are:
Josh, age 15
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