Cunnilingus on the picnic table

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You've performed cunnilingus on a girl lying down before. It's hard on the neck.

You carefully pick your daughter up and carry her to the picnic table, laying her on it with her ass at the edge.

"Here, Sweetie, hold your knees." you say as you bend her knees back ludely opening her wide exposing her ass and enflamed cunt.

You love shocking women with your anal fetish and immediately go for her little rosebud, as you rim and lick her anus.

She jumps and screams, dropping her legs and trying to stop you. You can't access her ass anymore but her cunt is still exposed and you lap hungrily from your daughters young wet cunt.

She coos and relaxes as you suck and slurp at her fresh young snatch, eventually holding herself wide open again.

You little by little sneak your tongue down and are eventually licking her anus, lapping from her tailbone to her clit and everywhere in between, causing her to squeal.

I less than two minutes she's bucking and screaming in orgasm.

You are:
Alex, age 38
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