Danger on Death Row

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & ???

You wake up seated in a large wooden chair. Leather restraints are strapped around your arms, legs, waist, and torso just below your breasts. Two cold thick metal rods protrude from the chair, one all the way in your vagina, the other your anus. A patch of some kind with a wire connected to it covers each nipple.

Walt appears, grinning madly. "Welcome back," he jeers. "I'm sure you remember this scene from Danger on Death Row - everyone dies. An electric chair malfunctions, and the killer dies a slow, excruciating death in the chair."

You remember the scene very well, and the thought of that happening to you has you trembling. In a panic, you strain against your bonds, but the strong straps and the rods violating you make sure you don't go anywhere.

"It should be pretty obvious where the electricity is going to go," Walt says. "Unfortunately, I can't generate as much power as the jailers would have been able to, so this is going to take a lot longer than it did in the movie. The all-time record is 45 minutes. Let's see if you can do better!"

You beg and plead for your life, sobbing desperately, but he ignores you and pulls a lever. Your cries for mercy are replaces with screams of pain as electric current runs through your body. You feel like your muscles are on fire, like your breasts are about to explode, or that your lungs will burst. It's your pussy, ass, and breasts that get it the worst. The metal rods are heating up from channeling the electricity into you, and it's like being raped and sodomized with a branding iron. Your pubic hair suddenly catches fire and whittles away after a few moments. You scream yourself hoarse, and your eyes are wide open with agony and terror. You'd give anything to make this torment end - anything!

After over an hour and a half of electric agony, your skin scalded and your body internally fried, it's finally over. Your screams fade as you finally expire, your body still twitching from the electric current.


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