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1st September 2015

Ferb lay in his bed. It was the first day back at school and he hadn't slept much last night. Phineas had been on his phone all night to his girlfriend, Isabella. Ferb hated that Isabella was Phineas' girlfriend. She took up all of Phineas' time. Ferb didn't think that Isabella even loved Phineas. She was just using him.

And now, it was the morning and Phineas was on the phone with her again.

"Can you come over today?" Phineas asked leaving their bedroom.

Ferb rolled his eyes at the thought of having Isabella near him. It wasn't that he hated Isabella. In fact, he loved having her as a friend. But he was just trying to look out for his step brother, and Ferb knew Isabella was not for Phineas.

What should Ferb did?

Get ready for school (F)

Stay in bed (F)

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