Decline the offer and continue up the channel back to your apartment

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Sexing

You shake your head. "I don't want to be a fifth wheel, so to speak. You two seem quite happy together."

Trina and Lyssa smile. "If you change your mind, come to this spot. We're here just about every day."

You wave at the happy couple and head up the channel. You've almost reached the turnoff towards your apartment when you hear an appreciative whistle. You look to your right and see a very attractive young gentleman leaning on the open gate to a fence and looking down into the channel. Your pussy starts juicing up as you ogle him. Tall, well-toned, bronzed body, strong legs, powerful chest, and wearing only a swimsuit.

The man notices. Come on up out of there, sexy," he grins. You walk up to the gate. "I'm Tony. This is my place."

Tony's gesture is to an enormous house. He rubs your back as you join him. "That's quite some mansion," you breathe.

Tony guides you to a door, places his palm on the reader and the door opens. You step inside first, and he follows you in, removing his swimsuit and revealing his 8 inches of thick, hard meat. Your eyes bug out.

Tony guides you upstairs to a luxurious shower, and after quickly getting clean, you kiss him. He responds in kind. His hands roam your body as yours explore his. When he dips his head to kiss and suckle your breasts, you moan. Your hand wraps around his pole and you stroke it. "Want to make love right here, or move to my waterbed?" Tony purrs.

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