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Status: Scantily clothed and enslaved

You're terrified of what they might do to you if you refuse, but you can't willingly let yourself be enslaved to these monsters. You race for the door, but your body is weak from hunger and thirst, not to mention your recent ordeal. It takes only a moment for the men to grab you tightly.

"I was hoping you'd do that," the crook who captured you said.

Another man produces a switchblade, and you struggle desperately, thinking he's about to kill you. However, all he does is cut the bra and underwear from your body, leaving the collar and stockings. The men chuckle and gape at your naked body, and one of them slides his hand down your torso to cup your womanhood.

"Not yet," the crook says. "We gotta warm her up first."

They tie your hands behind your back and march you into another room. You gasp at the wide array of torture equipment. Some of it you can't even imagine how it's supposed to work, and you groan inwardly as you realize you'll be finding out what all of them do eventually.

You're directed to one particular instrument - a log cut into a triangular shape, the pointed end facing upward and sheathed in metal. "This is called a Spanish horse," your captor says. "I'm sure you can tell how it works. You sit on it like you're on a horse, and you're in for an uncomfortable ride.

Again you try and pull away, but it's no use. They force you to straddle it, and you yelp as the pointed edge of the log digs between your pussy lips. The weight of your body presses the horse deeper into you, and your eyes bulge wide with the pain. They pull your legs downward, causing additional pain, and lock your thighs and ankles in. The metal is ice cold, adding to your discomfort, but fortunately not sharp.

The crooks enjoy watching you squirm and writhe for a while, but then they get bored. What do they do?

They electrify the sawhorse

They whip you

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