Dissolve a few of the blue pills in his drink

From Create Your Own Story

Staus: Naked and Suspicious

You make Walt a cognac-based drink and yourself a Mint Julep, and carry them out. Walt smiles as he clinks his glass against yours. "To the beautiful woman who fell into my life tonight," he says. "Bottoms up!" You both drain your glasses. Walt puts a Belinda Carlisle album on and gathers you into his arms. He's a pretty good dancer...

About 20 minutes later, Walt stops moving with the music and pulls you roughly against him. "I've never been so horny in my life," he gasps just before planting a deep kiss on you. When he breaks for air, he looks at you. "You didn't mess with my drink, did you?" He breaks away from you and strips off his clothes. His hard cock twitches with excitement. "I can't stand it," he pants. "I must have you!" Before you can move, he charges at you, grabs you in his arms, and races to the bedroom. He throws you down on the bed, spreads your legs, and roughly plunges his swollen pecker into your box. "I've never been this out of control!" he gasps as he begins pistoning his hips furiously.

It appears you gave him sex pills instead of knockout powder.

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