Ditch the officer and make a break for it

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked, Handcuffed & Moving

You decide to try and get away from this creepy security officer and start to run away from him. One of the teenage boys spots you in the parking lot with your boobs bouncing as you run and they hoot and holler attracting more attention to you. You lead the security guard through a merry chase through the parking lot and the boys join in on the fun. With too many of them, the boys corner you and all run up hold you down for the officer. With your hands behind your back you can't stop the boys from fondling you in any way they want and since you are wearing handcuffs you can't do anything about it. The officer eventually gets to you, he saw what they were doing to you and decided to punish you by walking slowly to the group.

Do you:

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