Do what you desire, who cares?

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Status: Naked and Excited

The thought of doing such an obscene thing excites you. You strip down.(Which is just your shirt.)You figure you need more pee for it to be noticeable, so you drink a full bottle of water. Then you wait.

An hour's past, the urge is more pressing


Two hours...


You suddenly jolt up. You had nodded off in your waiting. You notice the sun has gone further to the west. Trying to remember what you were doing, your bladder reminds you suddenly.


You're bursting, and when you look down you see a bit of the rock has gone darker. You quickly get up and run to the edge of the mountain, spurting a bit on the way. You squat down, and a jet of pee shoots out of your privates. You can't help but moan at the relief, and you look down and see the rocky mountain edge has gone much darker. After half a minute, to your surprise, you're still urinating uncontrollably. You must have held your maximum. Your hand slides down and strokes your cunt while you're still pissing. Your urine is spraying everywhere now, and you're too horny to care. An orgasm is rising up in you, and just as the pee stream ended, you groan in ecstasy as you orgasm, and to your surprise, you start squirting everywhere. Your body shudders after. This is the first time you've ever squirted, and it felt amazing!

You've discovered a new fetish you like!

What should you do now?

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