Doll House

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"Haven, Haven. Wake Up!" You get shocked awake from your dreamless sleep by someone calling your name. You look around to see others still sleeping as it was, you check your watch, it's two in the morning. You were probably just dreaming. Although... Even when you were just asleep, you're somehow exhausted. Maybe because you've been on this bus for over twelve hours, save the occasional pit stop to restrooms.

Was this the right decision? You think with a tired sigh. You look outside the window you were resting your head on. It was gloomy out, it seemed like all the clouds in the world came to this one specific place just to cover up the sky. You could see your reflection in the glass of the window, your dark shaggy hair jutting out everywhere, your hazel eyes blood-shot from lack of sleep, and as always you're still pale, skinny, and lanky. Every woman's dream man, right? Not that you only swing straight, hell you bat for any team that needs a good swing.

You felt a cold breeze blow past your face from someone else's window, you Shiver and snuggle further into your jacket. You had to wear your jacket because one, it was freezing and the bus had no heating, and two the bus was also old, rickety, and it smelt as if it had been puked on way more than enough. The bus had seen better years, and was definitely not up to date on its safety inspection, but it was the only bus in the entire country that ran through the town you were heading to. You know this because once you saw the bus you checked again, twice. Then on your phone. Then back to the bus sign again. This lasted for a few minutes before you surrendered.

Why? Some sane person might ask, Why are you doing this to yourself? The answer is very simple. A job, no, not just a job. It was your dream job. After years of trying to get noticed by one of the biggest magazine publishers in history, a miracle happens. A God damn miracle. They found your credentials and offered you a full time job as a photographer, if you could handle proving yourself. Little did you know the only reason they were looking for someone was because no one else in the entire company was willing to go on this job. It didn't take you long to figure out why.

"Blight Ville three miles!" The bus driver barked back at us. 

You breathed dread out from you lips, regretting this trip to the middle of no-where. Trees surrounded the only road in and out of Blight Ville, and you came here to take a picture of one thing; Blight Manor. Blight Manor has been standing for over five-hundred years since the founder of Blight Ville, Sedrick Blight built it, In front of a very unstable dam, That was doomed to collapse, Any minute now. Who knows that minute might just be when your standing in front of it. You certainly are one hell of a lucky man.

Your abruptly pulled out of your thoughts when your face gets unceremoniously wacked into the seat in front of you at the sound of a loud shattering noise. "Shit!" the bus driver growled. The bus slows to a stop as you all start to pile out of the old bus. You only have time to grab one, what do you take:

Doll House:Your beloved high-tech camera

Doll House:Your bag of clothes

Doll House:Nothing

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