Don't risk wiping out and finish the ride bottomless

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Bottomless & Crowded

You decide it isn't worth the risk to bend down and try to pull your bottoms up. You could get hurt that way. No, you'll simply have to ride this out with your gorgeous pussy and ass out for all to see. The crowd gets larger now and they watch every sway of your hips intently. And let's be honest, between your hips is the only place anyone is looking. Some stunned by the view from the front, others mesmerized by the view from the back.

You feel like this should be absolutely humiliating but you can't tell if you're just numb from adrenaline or if you're actually enjoying this. The waves die down for a bit before the final few minutes when the waves are going to get crazy. You can safely use your hands for the moment and you have a choice to make regarding your state of dress. But you have to decide carefully because once the big waves start up again you'll have to finish the ride in whatever state of dress you're in.

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