Don't taste the gloop, it's probably one of Josh's tricks!

From Create Your Own Story

'No!' you laugh again and wipe your hands on Josh's legs.

'Now you're getting me all sticky!' Josh grabs you and throws you onto his bed, your nightie going over your head once again. You can't stop giggling as you feel the bed move as Josh climbs on.

'Josh, why do I not get jackilit?'

'How do you know you don't?' asked Josh from below your nightie.

'Because I felt my kitty earlier and it didn't feel wet'.

There's a pause and you wonder if you've creeped your brother out.

'I can help you a bit' Josh's hand is lightly stroking your leg, like he does to your hair when you watch movies together.

You sit up and look over your nightie at Josh.

Let Josh help you

This is getting too much, and you're hungry now. Go see if breakfast is ready

You are:
Miranda, age 6
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