Double down

From Create Your Own Story

"Slut? SLUT?!? I'll show you a slut!", you scream, enraged. You lay down on your back, put your feet on the ground and spread your knees to a collective gasp. Before today you wouldn't even let a stranger see you lingerie but your rationality is long gone. Your mind is now operating on pure frustration and hormones. You start massaging your clit and move right to penetrating your pussy with your fingers. A vulgar display that has left your audience speechless and absolutely rattled. You start bucking and bring yourself to the biggest screaming orgasm of your life. Just as you come down, two policemen show up and cuff you. They walk you through the park buck naked with h a throbbing, open pussy and drenched in your own juices. You're humiliated beyond belief and you'll have plenty of time to think behind bars. At least it's cooler there.

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