Dr. Electron - has a wide range of electrical abilities

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Status: On a motorcycle wearing your Violet Vixen superhero outfit

As you charge the crooks, their leader - a man in some kind of black and blue bodysuit under a lab coat, who you recognize as Dr. Electron - points his arm at you. A bolt of what looks like lightning shoots towards you, and you barely duck in time. Your motorcycle swerves under you, and you leap off it before it crashes.

The villain's goons charge you, but they're too distracted by your costume to fight effectively and you take them down without much fuss.

"Your turn," you say, cracking your knuckles as you approach. "I, the Vinyl Vixen, will bring you to justice!"

"Will you now?" Dr. Electron says. "I don't think so."

Again he fires electricity at you. You dodge his first two blasts, but not the third, which gets you right in one of your breasts. You scream and collapse to the ground, struggling to remain conscious from the pain.

What happens next?

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