Drive slowly

From Create Your Own Story

Suppressing your teen urges, you carefully drive yourself to the local mall. Despite being a Friday afternoon, the place isn't too crowded.

"Thank you economic recession," you think. "Also, that means sales!" You excitedly realize. "Oooh, I should get some cute shoes, and really cute clothes. Oooh, I should get some party clothes and tease all the annoying guys at college as this little piece of jailbait," you think as your run your hands through your hair. "Or maybe that boy from History class."

Your thoughts start to go towards the erotic, when you step through the mall doors and are hit by the cold air-conditioned atmosphere of the mall. You shiver as your nipples grow hard through your soft, stretchy T-shirt.

"But I do really need a bra, first." you somewhat reluctantly admit. "Where should I go?"

Do you go to:

Health Chilly
Height 4’ ”11
Weight 99 lbs
Gender Female
Hair Bright Blond
Cup Size 30 C
Location The Mall
Clothes skinny jeans, thong, and tight t-shirt
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