Drop to your knees and beg for Mercy

From Create Your Own Story

"Please sir! Please don't" you beg, not knowing what else to do.

"Now now Mr. Andrews" he chuckles taking a chain and whip from the closet. "You need to be punished."

Grabbing your wrists he wraps them in chains and pushes you against the desk. Moaning slightly he pulls down his trousers to reveal his 7" hardon. "Are you ready Mr. Andrews" he mocks, slapping your cheeks with the whip. You yelp, your limp pale cock getting harder. "Please sir" you beg. "Please? You want more?" he replies whipping your white butt cheeks till they're red raw. Grabbing the dildo from the closet he turns back to you, "Are you ready Mr. Andrews?" he asks, gripping his own cock and pumping his fist around it, precum leaking to the floor. "Yes sir" You moan, wiggling your butt.

Thrusting the dildo in hard and fast you squirm against the desk, your own cock rock hard. He fucks you for ages, the thick black dildo making you moan with every thrust. "Please sir! let me cum" You moan.

Taking out the dildo Mr. W proceeds to fuck your ass, his cock making you squirm even more. Quickly reaching his climax he cums inside you and reaches underneath your body, gripping your cock and jerking you off till you cum on the desk.

"You've got a detention every Friday for the rest of the year Andrews" he says winking.


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