Duck into the clothing boutique

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked!

You rush into the clothing store and hide behind a rack of clothes. It's a relatively secluded corner, and no one sees you. Or so you think.

A nice-looking blond walks into the corner, looking at you quizzically before asking, "Um, Miss? Do you need any help finding some... clothes?" You blush and nod. She asks for your sizes and you give them. She walks away for a few minutes and walks back with an outfit that doesn't look bad and, more importantly, looks like it fits.

"Thanks..." You read her nametag. "Tina!"

"No problem, really, ma'am. You can change here if you don't want to use the changing rooms. I'll make sure no one comes back here... but then you have to tell me why you were naked." She smiles warmly at you.

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