Duck into the fun house and hide

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Topless & Bound

You quickly duck into the fun house as a boy near the entrance gives out a wolf whistle, you fail to notice that he was one of the boys that has been chasing you.

Making your way inside, you go through a couple twists and turns. Pausing in an alcove, and you try and get the bikini top off your wrists but it seems all the stress has tightened the knot really good. Then you feel a slap on your butt; you turn around but nobody is there. You hear giggling... Oh no! You have fallen for their trap, the entire time they had been herding you somewhere and this was the place.

Bolting out of the alcove you run just to get away, and after a few more twists and turns you are lost. Meanwhile every time you turn your head it seems, a hand will come out of nowhere and grope your boobs or slap your ass.

Going on you stumble across...

Which situation?:

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