Duck under a nearby car

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & Bound

You quickly dive under a high SUV, squirming on your stomach to get your body hidden. You hold you breath, and watch both sets of legs pass by unaware of your presence.

When you think the coast is clear, you start to squirm out.

Suddenly, you notice you hands caught on something on the undercarriage. The belt around your wrists is snagged on something. You twist and turn, but it just seems to make you more thoroughly tied.

You are under the vehicle for who knows how long, dozing in and out, when you hear a door open above you. You see legs right beside you, climbing into the SUV above you.

Not wanting to get discovered you plant your feet into the spots you found in the undercarriage and just like you discovered you are able to comfortably hang there and go along for the ride as long as your bindings don't give way. The SUV pulls out of the parking lot and starts down the street. What you didn't take into consideration was potholes and other bumps in the road. You discover rather quickly what happens when the SUV hits a bump as your nipples hit the concrete at 35 mph for a second sending tingles through your body. Your breasts are only about an inch above the pavement giving you a unique experience when it hits a bump, which gives new meaning to the term joy ride. Ten minutes and several bumps later the SUV pulls into another parking lot.

Waiting for the guy to get out you discover the SUV pulled into the parking lot of.....

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