Eat It All Up

From Create Your Own Story

You lick up every drop off his hand and swallow the whole lot. As weird as this situation is, the surprisingly pleasant taste of your own cum allows a sly grin to cross your face. "Ha, Just like your mother Joshie, she loves cum as well can't get enough of it". While your father's comparing you to your apparently cum loving mother, you're distracted by the huge boner almost bursting out his pants, you snap back into reality just as your father says, "You know... I wonder... your mom loved one type of cum more than any other, mine. She loved sucking it straight from the pipe drove her wild. Maybe you'd like to give it a go Joshie, who knows, you might like it". He then unzips his pants and whips out the same meaty monster you've watch growing for the last 5 minutes, only this time it ain't hidden under denim.

You are:
Josh, age 18
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