Eat her out first

From Create Your Own Story

You 're fine now, Punkin, just relax you say as you stroke her hair.

You're other hand goes to her bare breast and you gentle squeeze and massage her tit, pulling her nipple gently before doing the same to the other.

"You're breasts are so firm. They're gorgeous, Hun."

"Ummmm thanks, Daddy," Miranda says with a bewildered look on her face.

You're hand descends, stroking her belly, her hips. You bypass her cunt and rub her thighs as if you're massaging her legs.

Then you think, "Fuck it." and you cup her sex in your hand and feel her meaty cunt, slipping your middle finger between the folds.

She jerks at the touch but doesn't stop you.

You are:
Alex, age 38
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