Eat some meat

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Hungry and having oral sex in the woods

You push on his chest, causing him to stumble several feet backwards. By the time he's regained his balance, you're out of the car and crouched in front of him. You take his semi-erect penis in one hand and cup his balls with the other. It's already pretty large, but after a few seconds of gentle encouragement you're masturbating a ridged, straight, and impressive cock.

You look up, fixing your eyes on his, and circle his tip with your tongue until he's desperate for you to suck it. He breaths heavily until at last you take most of it in your mouth. Not once do you stop staring into his dark brown eyes.

Soon you're enjoying hearing his loud groans as you skilfully stimulate every inch of his smooth cock. Groans so loud that they drown out the sound of a vehicle approaching.

"Wooo-hoo! Damn, mister, you're a lucky boy! Look at them tits!" A male voice shouts.

"Slow down, sir, I can't see properly!" Yells a woman.

You almost gag as you both jump with surprise.

Glancing around, you see a police car with two officers hanging out of the windows.

"You think we out to arrest them?"

Shit, what now?


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