Egg birth

From Create Your Own Story

Tentaculus held you upright as small tentacles drilled your nipples. Slime oozed from your pussy and coated the ground below. It seemed that if you survived this, it would all be over. Suddenly, a deep pain shot through you and made you scream in agony. A large green ball dropped from your pussy, coated in semen. You pushed out what seemed like hundreds before you were finished. He didn't seem done with you though, as he grew tens of thousands of tentacles. The all shot down towards you and pulled you into the slimy abyss. The thick tendrils fucked you anywhere good. They went in your slick pussy, your tight asshole, your warm mouth, and your melons and nipples. Almost hours passed by until your cum-soaked body emerged from the tentacles. Scraps of your outfit where hidden under the warm, sticky liquid. You knelt on the ground, groaning and hissing, until a stray tendril came and expertly fucked you full of eggs.

But, what now?

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