Enter Timon's Stall

From Create Your Own Story

You enter Timon's stall. It's not at all how you expected. The inside of the stall is actually a large dungeon room. In the middle is a sling with a gorgeous hunk waiting there for you. He is lying on his back wearing nothing but a leather speedo. He opens his legs wide as if to welcome you. Off to the side are two other men also dressed in leather speedos. They're standing near a pile of dildos, gags, handcuffs, and other bondage items.

You learn that these men are Danyo and Timon, two sexy asian studs. The one in the middle is Matt, who you assume is like the leader. You just imagine how these two men must worship him sexually. You really hope to see them all in action soon, hopefully with you.

Danyo and Timon come over to you and usher you towards Matt. They force you to your knees in front of him and gag you. Matt gets up at which point you are blindfolded and lifted onto the sling. You're almost giddy with anticipation now. The wait is soon over as you feel your clothes ripped from your body and a massive lubed cock inserted up your ass. You try to scream but the gag chokes you. It's so hot you love how rough and barbaric Matt is. He fucks you long and hard until you feel his dick throb and he blows his load. He cums inside your ass shooting what feels like bucketload of spunk into your tight teen ass.

Nothing happens for a while.

Do You:

Try to Get Up

Remove the Blindfold

Stay Put

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