Escape from Syria

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You are Rania, a secret agent and assassin for the CIA. Born in Lebanon 32 years ago, you were delivered right into the middle of a raging civil war. Your parents were killed by terrorists when you were little. An aunt and uncle living in Dallas, Texas brought you to America and raised you as their daughter.

Ever since you could remember, the death of your parents has motivated you to become a fighter for justice, through violence if necessary. By the time you were a teenager, you were already an expert in hand-to-hand combat, firearms, and various other weapons. Naturally athletic, you took to any sport well, although your favorite has always been gymnastics. You picked a college major of international studies with a minor in criminal justice and joined the CIA immediately after graduating. With your physical skills, intelligence, and three-language (English, French, and Arabic) fluency, you were a shoo-in.

Well, not completely. The murder of your parents has caused you to sometimes be driven by emotion rather than logic. That fact has been highlighted in your personnel file (much to your irritation). So far, you've been able to keep your emotions in check. You have completed several "delicate" missions for the CIA, including several assassinations (or "accidents," as they like to call them). You have been careful to make sure there was always plausible deniability.

Your physical appearance has always been an asset. Although you are a Christian Arab, you can pass for a Mediterranean Caucasian, a Hispanic, or an Indian as well as an Arab. This has allowed you to infiltrate areas in many different parts of the world. In addition, there is your beauty. At 5'8" and 125 pounds, with long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, a nice deep tan, an elegant high-cheekboned face, and a slender but muscular body, you attract lots of male (and sometimes female) interest. Your small firm 34B breasts, slim waist with six-pack abs, and athletic tomboyish hips add to your appeal. Many an unsuspecting male target has been lured to his doom by your body.

Your current mission has taken you to Damascus, the capital of Syria. You have found what you were looking for - a portable hard drive containing top-secret information. The small drive is securely hidden in a secret compartment in your knee-high black leather boot. Black leather pants, a white blouse, and black leather gloves complete your outfit. Your weapons are concealed, but ready for use at a moment's notice.

Health {{{Health}}} Equipment:

Walther PPK with silencer, knife, data drive, cyanide capsule

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