Escape the teenage mob

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Topless & Bound & Running

You bump into one of the boys, knocking him over in the process giving you an opening that you can exploit and make a run for it. You hear one of the boys shout "get her" and "don't let her get away" behind you as you make a frantic run through the water park. With your hands bound behind your back by your bikini top, there's not a lot you can do to cover up and as you run away from the boys your boobs are bouncing all over the place much to the delight of anyone who sees you.

You run and bounce for quite a while as every time you see a spot you want to go one of the boys always seems to be coming at you from that direction, they seem to be herding you in a specific direction. You are quickly running out of options as you spot a security guard headed towards you as well now, apparently someone reported you after seeing you running around with your breasts out there for everyone to see, probably that snobby woman you knocked over near the hot dog cart.

You might be able to lose them all in the crowd of people to your left but getting through a crowd with your hands bound behind your back and your boobs on display probably means many hands will get a good feel as you make your way through. You certainly don't want to get caught by security but on the same note it would get those pesky boys off your back, your third option is to hide in the fun house off to the right.

Do you:

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