Exit stage left

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Resting

You dart around at random, being chased by the boys, and suddenly come across an exit. You push open the door, step outside, and feel two strong arms wrap around you. A female voice sounds in your ear. "Relax, love." A rag is placed over your nose and mouth. Your next breath is of a cool vapor, and you fall unconscious.

Slowly, you become aware of your surroundings. You're lying on what feels like a bed.

Your eyes flutter open. You are on a bed. A beautiful blonde woman, built almost exactly like you and in her early 20's, is lying next to you. Neither one of you is wearing a stitch of clothing. "Hello," she purrs. "You're awake. My name is Inga."

You introduce yourself. "So, Inga," you ask, "where am I?"

"My bedroom, love," Inga giggles. "I had to get you away from those awful boys. If they had caught you in there who knows what depraved things they might have done to you."

Your mind flashes back to the chase through the funhouse. "Thanks, Inga."

Inga wraps her arms around you and pulls you against her. Your head is resting on her shoulder. "Just relax, love," she whispers. "Close your eyes."

You do close your eyes. Inga's hands run gently up and down your back, and you nestle more closely against her.

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