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"I just caught Josh masturbating in his room. We should go help him out."

Your mother's eyes widen and you can feel her nipples harden against your chest.

"Jessica... we agreed we wouldn't let anyone know about us."

"It's just Josh though, he isn't going tell anyone else. He has a nice cock too, I felt it just before I came to get you."

Your mother begins to protest again but you interrupt her with a kiss. You move your hand to her crotch and begin to massage her cunt through her tight blue jeans. In between kisses she tries to get a word out but you keep her tongue occupied.

After around a minute of aggressive kisses she lets out an exacerbated sigh and says, "Alright, alright... let's go see him."

You both walk up to Josh's room.

Enter the room and begin to fuck your mother in front of him

Have your mother suck his cock

You are:
Jessica, age 21
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