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"Blink blink"

You feel numb.

"Blink blink"

Your eyes cannot focus, but you can feel...something. A weight. Something on top of you.

"Shit man, she is looking at me."

"Well, hurry up before this bitch thaws." You can hear one of the people, sounding like he is right above you. Your body tingles, but not in a good way. Like little pieces of ice pricking your skin. The world starts to become a light blur, rather than a dark blur, and you can feel...something. Down around your pussy. You cannot quite figure out what it is, your body is still so numb.

"I am almost there," you hear someone grunt above you.

"About fucking time man. Everyone else already had their turn, and you take for fucking ever. I want my turn."

"Man, this bitch is so wet." You can't quite make sense of the words. You also cannot make sense of the sensation from your pussy. Warmth. While the rest of you is so cold. The blurs start to turn into shapes. Roundish. Almost...like a person. You can feel your body swaying, and a rubbing against your intimate parts. "Oh yeah!" you hear above you, and feel more warmth flood into your private area. The pressure leaves you, and then, new pressure.

This time, you can tell, it is a person. As your body regains its sense of feeling, you understand someone is between your legs. Someone is penetrating your pussy. You can barely feel the thrusts, but you can hear the pants of the person on top of you. You can smell...something...disgusting. Rotten breath, the stink of the person. Your mind puts the pieces together, and you try to scream out. A barely heard gurgle escapes from your throat. You try to move your arms to push him off, and realize you cannot. Like you are paralyzed. Finally, you feel him cum deep inside your pussy. Your stomach feel nauseous, understanding sickening you, what they are doing to you.

"And, that is it. Finally. Man, you fucking suck, she is awake, fucker. Next time, let me go first. She can wake up on you!" You are unceremoniously lifted, then shoved back in the decontamination pod. Your eyes now see clearly, the men here like brutes, savage, wild. Appalling. Someone, obviously female, who looks like a nurse, her face covered.

The door closes across your pod, but across the way, you see your husband, you see the door open. Your hands, finally able to move, beat against the glass, as you see your husband try to cling to your son.

My baby! You try to scream out, but it does no good. Your voice still hasn't recovered. You watch in horror as the gun fires, the savage ripping your son away from your husbands arms. The other pod closing. He comes over, looks in your pod, watching you from the other side of the glass, leering at you. You recoil in horror, realizing this is the last one you saw, the one raping you, and now he has your son.

Suddenly, your vision goes misty, and then nothing.

The world comes into focus, and you find yourself falling. As your hands reach out, you find yourself unable to move, unable to see, only the sensation of falling, then slight pain. You blink, trying to see, mind grasping at what happened the last time you were awake. Of the nightmare you saw.

A dream. It was just a bad dream. Your sight comes back ages later, and you slowly move one hand, the other, and arm, a leg. Eventually, you are able to push yourself up off the ground, on your hands and knees. You become aware of your body. You remember the vivid details of the men on top of you, of the gun, of your son.

You stand up, propping yourself against the side of your pod, and look in horror at Nate, his pod still open, blood splattered across it, his vault suit stained red.

They killed him, they killed him! Your mind screams at you, and you stagger towards the pod. His body stinks, but you are numb to it as you wrap your arms around him, giving him a kiss. "They took Shaun," you tell him. He doesn't hear you.

You sob, then pull yourself together. You need to get Shaun back.

You look at the other pods, try pulling one of the controls. A computer voice sounds, announcing there has been a malfunction.

"What happened here?" you ask the air.

You enter another chamber, much the same. A computer terminal tells a dire story. All good. Disagreements. Food running short. Confrontation with the overseer.

You stumble back out of this chamber, with nothing to look at but frozen bodies. Walking down the corridor, you try the exit. Another error blares from the cold, computer voice.

You walk down the hall, into a different room, when you see them. Small, skittery things. Things that look like roaches, almost as big as medium dogs.

You duck down, hoping it didn't see you, but there is no other way. Only towards the dog-roach. You look around for a fly swatter, or maybe a large stick, and find nothing.

"What are these?" you mumble again at the empty space, the sound of your voice keeping you from losing it completely. The creature hears, and you can hear its feet click click click as it advances on you. You put up your fists, take swings to try to get it off, to kill it. One bite, and you feel a slight nausea along with pain. Another bite, more. You beat it down, looking at it.

You move forward, the way now clear, and pick up a needle thing, looking at it.

"Stimpack" it reads on the cover. You remember hearing something about it from the war, how these were used to heal wounded soldiers. You pocket it and move on.

As you walk, you stumble across a skeleton, wearing a white lab coat. "Am I the only one alive?" You ask yourself, remembering vaguely the bomb that went off as you were rushed here. You walk on, leaving the corpse behind.

You check a couple other rooms and find nothing of interest, well, unless you want some tape or an ashtray.

Eventually, you find yourself in another room. Two massive pillars stand in this room, with electricity arching from the tops. You watch in disgust as another super cockroach skitters toward you. At the same time, a bolt of electricity, almost like lightning, arcs down and the stench of the bugs death fills the air. You look at it, look at the pillars, and look at the walkway around. The walkway does not seem to have much in the way of electric arcs, but you can hear the distinct skittering of more of the disgusting creatures.

You consider your options:

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